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Located in the Horn of Africa, Ethiopia is one of the last remaining African countries whose ancient cultures are seen in archaeological findings dating back to more than 3 million years, as well as being home to peoples that are still steeped in age-old traditions that remain largely untouched by fast-encroaching modernization.

Ethiopia is the “Land of Thirteen Months”. It’s a magical country with ancient and spiritual roots, rich in significant religious history and that has a fabulous story to tell. The beauty of wild mountains is only surpassed by the awe-inspiring religious architecture that draws visitors to this amazing country. It’s where legends of the Ark of the Covenant live side by side and in harmony with ancient Islamic mosques. From thundering waterfalls and bubbling lava lakes,  to its vibrant and modern capital city, Addis Ababa, Ethiopia is a place you have to see to believe.

Ethiopia’s famed Omo Valley is home to some of the world’s most intricate and beautifully adorned tribes who continue to live a way of life that is almost exactly as they did hundreds of years ago. This affords visitors an insatiable opportunity to interact and photograph some of these tribes who have managed to escape the change modernity brings, as much as possible.

Gorilla trekking is the leading reason for travelers embarking on a journey to this remarkable country. The gentle giants found in Rwanda are some of the world’s last remaining Mountain Gorillas. Here, at Volcanoes National Park, set in the active volcanic chain of the Virungas,  is where Dian Fossey worked to protect and establish the protection of these endangered Great Apes.  Trek and spend time in the presence of your assigned Gorilla family; an hour deemed as one of the most holistic and emotionally moving  experiences ever.

For the wildlife and outdoors enthusiasts, Ethiopia continues to offer soul-stirring experiences.  Across the high-altitude plateau of the Bale Massif, the endangered Ethiopian Wolf can be found in search of their prey. This canid is Africa’s most endangered carnivore and to see them is an incredibly special experience. An excursion to the Simien Mountains offers another incomparable wildlife experience. Gelada Baboons gather in vast troops along the plateaus and cliffs as they graze on the nutritious short-grass meadows. Make sure to bring your camera as these apes offer spectacular photographic opportunities, allowing you to get close to these gorgeous creatures.

Natures bounty abounds here with an intoxicating mix of historical wonders, culture, wildlife and raw scenery.

From an historical and architectural perspective, Ethiopia is rich in sites that will fascinate the historian and traveller for days. Ancient sites like Lalibela and Gondar are just some places which are a “Must-see” on every itinerary. The rock-hewn churches are unique to Ethiopia and are still actively used for worship.


Ethiopia’s high altitude means that days are generally mild and nights cold. Much of Ethiopia sits above 1500m (4921.26 ft) high, with fog cloaked highlands well over 3,000m (9842.52 ft). Although Ethiopia has a temperate climate due to its altitude, it is recommended to visit from September to April. Depending on your specific goal and travel dream, Boundless Africa Safaris will confirm which month is best suited for your itinerary. 


The below itineraries have been meticulously thought out and crafted by Boundless Africa Safaris.  We will ensure that your expectations and wants are met and exceeded. Below are suggested itineraries that will be tailored to your specific travel needs and wants.